With Intensity ~ a Suntory Review: Toki

Japan has leapt on the world's whisky stage and is producing many award-winning and much sought after whisky blends and single malts. I recently discovered Suntory Toki. Meaning time in Japanese, this is an affordable and easy-to-find way to sample Japanese whisky. Priced around $40 depending on where you can find it.

A clear, bright gold color, the nose begins with crisp green apple, basil, fresh cut straw, and honey. The palate is grain-forward with a slight burn. Grapefruit, peppermint, and thyme blend with vanilla and coconut. The finish is slightly sweet with hints of chestnuts and oak and spiced with ginger and white pepper.

I tend to drink my whisky neat, but this is perfect in a classic Japanese highball. Pour one part whiskey to two parts club soda over a single large ice cube. A twist of lemon peel is a delish addition.

I couldn't review Suntory without bringing up my favorite scene from Lost in Translation. In the original movie, this scene does not have subtitles so the audience is left in the dark as much as Bill Murray's character is. After watching this, run here to see it translated. It's Suntory Time!

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