Unique Rosé Wines

Rosé wines have continued to grow in popularity, and most people are familiar with the classic French or California varieties. So, expanding on the rosé theme from my last post, I would like to introduce you to two unique rosés from more obscure regions.

Our first stop is the Republic of Georgia. Nestled against the Black Sea, it is pocketed between Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan on the south and the Russian Caucasus Mountains to the north. This is one of the most ancient wine regions in the world going back over 6000 years. Its main red grape varietal is Saperavi.

Saperavi is a teinturier grape. Teinturier grapes have red-tinted flesh. Most grape varieties, even red varietals, have clear flesh and produce uncolored juice. These pigmented teinturier types produce intensely colored wines. High in resveratrol, these wines are part of a heart-healthy lifestyle :)

From the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia, Marani produces a lovely Saperavi Rosé. The depth of flavor made it perfect to satisfy this red-wine lover but was light enough for any white drinker. Grapes hand-picked in mid-September are macerated on the skins for 8-10 hours leaving a lovely, light pink hue. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, the wine is bottled between February and April. Aromas of pomegranate and raspberry are softened with notes of peach. Crisp and elegant, the mid palate is silky and ends with a lively yet well-balanced finish of rose petal.

Our next locale is the Macedonian Republic. Distinct from the region in Greece, Macedonia is a landlocked country north of Greece. The Tikveš region is located in a central plain of Macedonia and is the core of Macedonian wine production.

Stobi Winery produces a dry rosé with a blend of 20% Vranec and 80% Rkatsiteli. Not your typical summer porch-pounder, this blend is bitingly acidic and is best paired with foods. This salmon-pink rosé is refreshing and zesty. Mouth-puckering cranberry notes highlight strawberry, fresh plum, and floral undertones. The lively acidity carries through to a clean finish.

Both of these wines are worth experiencing and are a perfect bridge from hot summer into cooler fall weather. Enjoy with our previous Steak Salad recipe, rich seafoods, or difficult-to-pair spicy or Asian dishes.


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