Snowy Engagement Photos

Waking up today to a blanket of snow, I thought I’d share some images from my personal snowy engagement photos.

For everyone that knows me, I hate snow. I acknowledge that it’s pretty, but I hate the cold. I hate the dirty sludge that it becomes. I hate wearing big coats and having my shoes get all wet. Now, after admitting all that, it was quite a surprise to my fiancé when I decided I had to have snowy engagement photos.

During one of the snowstorms last winter, I decided to ask my good friend Lisa Marie of Sweet Tea Photography if she would brave the cold with us. If you remember last January, DC was suffering in the Polar Vortex with several days well below freezing. Lisa Marie was amazing and a great sport as we lost feeling in our extremities throughout the shoot.

We met at my local coffee shop, Open City, since it is a family favorite for Skyler, the kids, and me. We then took some shots in our Woodley Park neighborhood while it was actively snowing.

Breaking up into two days, we were able to capture the snow falling and the following day that was bright and clear.

While I have to admit that I was cold and miserable then, I love my snowy engagement photos and am thrilled to have them now. Thanks again Lisa Marie!

On a purely practical note, here are a couple tips for your own snowy photo shoot.

  • Obviously, have warm clothes. Since we don't always have cold or snowy winters (and my refusal to spend any time outside in the cold), my supply of winter attire is low. Often, there is not much time to plan a snow shoot so you'll need to be ready whenever the weather cooperates.

  • My eyes water in the cold. Our first day, all my eye makeup ran off, and I had to clean up some serious racoon eye. Also, since my cheeks were so cold and pink, I found I didn't need blush.

  • Have fun! This should be a laid-back and relaxed shoot that shows your personalities. We were really happy to be able to use our neighborhood and feature places that were part of our lives together.

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