Better than Roses ~ Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Valentine’s Day, the annual celebration of romantic love, can end up a stressful nightmare trying to find a last-minute gift that is both thoughtful and personal. Classic gifts of flowers, dinner out, chocolate, and jewelry are all lovely, but this year, I am creating my custom Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for my love.

Now, in regards to my blog title, I would like to note that I love roses. Having Rose as my middle name has resulted in the flower gracing many gifts I have received over the years. While I love all the classic V-Day gifts, check out our customized wine, spirit, and beer baskets for your love this year.

This example features 6 bottles of IPA beer. With the rise of boutique craft breweries, beer has been elevated beyond the backyard barbeque or tailgating party. Finding beer in 750ml bottles also adds a touch of sophistication ~ I even found a bottle called Bitter Valentine.

This basket can be completely customized to individual tastes and budgets. While this basket is all IPA’s, this can be made with any assortment of beers, spirits, or wines. In my house, this basket would be all porters and stouts or red wines. So, have fun, play with trying something new, or stick with established favorites.

To put this basket together, I used a wine box from my local wine shop. Many wine shops receive these boxes regularly and just throw them away so you can see if your local store will give or sell one to you. Because these boxes can be fairly deep, I add stuffing and filler until the bottles are flush with the top. Decorative paper filler and ribbon finish the box and focus on the season. You can also tuck in extras like truffles, a corkscrew, a beer opener, or glasses.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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