Wine Baskets for Last Minute Shopping

Christmas is only 2 days away! Even paying a fortune for overnight shipping, guaranteed delivery is now a risk. Braving the stores is now a necessary evil, and we all have that person in our life that we have procrastinated on since we have no idea what to buy them. Whether it is the person that already has everything or the person you don’t know that well, we’ve all struggled to find the perfect gift. Wine baskets are the perfect solution!

For a simple gift, wine in a lovely basket fits almost everyone and adds a finished elegance to a single bottle. The addition of an oversized bow amps up the presentation while also fitting to the season.

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I like to also add a few extras. I usually add some nibbles but you can also add accessories like wine charms, glasses, or a corkscrew. My favorite for a smaller wine basket is chocolate truffles – sophisticated and popular with just about everyone yet easy to find and assemble. On a practical note, I find that wine glasses are one of the most difficult items to place and arrange in a wine basket.

This wine basket can be customized to fit any budget or taste palate. If trying to save costs, check out your local wine shop and ask for recommendations. There are several small-scale wineries around the world that produce amazing wines that will present well and look impressive.

If I have no idea what someone likes, my default is a Pinot Noir or Champagne. I have also subbed in spirits or beers depending on who I am shopping for. A bottle of Single Malt Scotch is great but can be a bit of a splurge (my current favorite is Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition if anyone is still shopping for me.) Several craft breweries make amazing and high-quality beers that can be purchased in 750mL bottles as well.

Good luck. Happy shopping. Let me know if you need any pointers in building your own wine basket!

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