Outsource your stress...

DC is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities to live in. It seems as if a new exhibit, restaurant, or play is opening daily but the hassles of trying to balance your professional and personal life can become an overwhelming roadblock. Would you love to try out the latest chef but need to feed the dog and rush hour traffic is a nightmare. There's a great new yoga class, but the dry cleaner closes at 7. Outsource these errands and your stress to us.

Services offered: including, but not limited to


Home Services:
  • Unpacking and Organizing

  • Pet Care such as Vet Visits, Feeding, and Grooming Appointments

  • Arrangements for Cleaning and Repairs

  • Wait on-site for Deliveries and Other Contractors

Personal Services:
  • Schedule Appointments

  • Menu Planning and Meal Preparation

  • Internet Searches and Price Comparisons

  • Non-Medical Elder Care

Errand Services:
  • Grocery Shopping

  • Trips for Dry Cleaning, Prescriptions, and to the Post Office

  • Shopping for, Wrapping, and Returning or Exchanging Gifts

  • Holiday Preparations

Travel and Moving Services:
  • Vacation Planning and Research

  • Set Up Accommodations and Entertainment for Guests

  • Relocation Arrangements

If you have needs not listed above, no worries. We'll create a personalized plan to fit your life.